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Gig Souk help Gig Lookers and Workers simplify the search process, making it more efficient and effective.

Features At A Glance

Personalized Gig Search

A targeted and customized approach to finding the right gig, rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach.

Easy Gig Application Process

Streamlined and efficient process with clear gig descriptions, simple application, fast response times to attract right talent.

Alerts Matching Your Profile

Useful tool for improved gig matching, early access to openings, convenience, and time savings.

Onsite Tasks

Collaborate face to face and access to a wider range of experts and resources such as specialized equipment, software, or training programs.

Remote Tasks

Talent from a wider geography, great flexibility, increased productivity, better cost.

In-App Chat

Built in-app Chat where gig lookers and shortlisted gig workers can connect.

Your Time , Your Price

Counter proposal to establish clear expectations, build trust and transparency, and can save both worker and looker money & time.

Secured Wallet

Safe and convenient for gig workers to receive and manage payments. Protect gig workers against fraud, provide transparency & security for payment processing.

Reviews and Ratings

Build trust and credibility of gig workers and lookers. It helps in increasing visibility, improving networking, better profile matching, and provides feedback for improvement.

How it Works ?

Gig Looker and Worker interaction steps with one another to makes search and selection Easy.

1. Gig Looker

Create Profile

Provide your details as an individual or Company business.

2. Gig Worker

Create Profile

Provide your details and skills based on which you want to find right onsite/remote task.

3. Gig Looker

Create a gig posting with skill details to find right gig worker match. You can attach a document for details.

4. Gig Worker

Receive gig postings based on your skills and ratings received for previous completed tasks on platform. Option to propose your duration and price for the task.

5. Gig Looker & Gig Worker

Both parties can chat in app to answer queries and finalize. This builds mutual trust and understanding for task execution before entering in the deal.

6. Gig Looker

Confirm the proposal and deal is locked by holding the deal contract amount in secured wallet.

7. Gig Worker

Start and complete the task.

8. Gig Looker

Marks task as completed and rates the gig worker. Payment amount is transferred to worker secured wallet . Rating helps gig worker to get more listing on the platform.

9. Gig Worker

Confirm payment receipt and after giving rating to gig looker,
initiate withdraw money to bank account.

10. Task is closed

How it Works ?

Gig Looker and Worker interaction steps with one another to makes search and selection Easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We’re here to help!

You can sign up into Gig Souk using your Mail-id

We provide a dedicated chat box which is built-in the application. Gig Looker will need to initiate the chat.

Your should be 18+ in age. Gig Worker should be legally authorized in the country to work to take up on-site job. Gig Looker should be a individual or authorized representative of the company.

Gig Souk charges a platform fee of 10% + payment gateway charges.

There is a dedicated section for raising a support ticket in the app. Support team will attend to your queries in 2-4 working days.

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