User Manual

Welcome to Gig Souk Connecting talent to opportunity, seamlessly

This user manual is to guide user through all features and flow of GIG SOUK and answer all possible queries that a gig worker and gig looker may have while using the App. Gig Souk focus is to provide great user experience and user interface making talent to opportunity connection seamless. So you can find the best match job (contract/part time/Full time) onsite/remote easily.

Good Luck !

Getting Started

An introduction to the app, Tips for Success, Creating a Professional

Profile Picture and a Strong Profile

GIG Souk App

What all you need to start using GIG Souk.

1) Wallet:

2) Profile:

3) Terms and Conditions

4) Privacy Policy

To see when new jobs get posted, ensure you keep Location Services and Notifications turned on so that you can see when new jobs get posted.

Profile Picture

Your profile photo is visible to businesses/gig lookers. It is highly recommended setting up your photo.

Completing your Profile

You can start creating or submitting a proposal only once your profile is 65% complete. It is highly recommended to build out your profile with details of your job history and share your qualifications. Uploading a professional resume will increase your chances to grab the work faster. You can update your profile at any point while you continue to be associated with Gig Souk

Accepting Your Job


As a gig worker, once you have signed in, you will start receiving notifications based on your location and skill set. Ensure your Notifications are on to receive on-demand notifications for new job postings in your area/skill set and preference. Also, your higher rating on a scale of 1 star to 5 star will help you get access to more jobs.

Finding Jobs

Use search job on home page to find jobs of your interest. You will seldom require this search option if you have notifications on app running in background which will instantly alert you when there is a job posted matching your profile.

Picking up a Job

When a notification arrives, you can view the following details :

Screen Shot

You can also see job map or list to see jobs available around your area.

Submit a proposal

Seeker can review the job and propose price and duration (higher or lower) and furnish a proposal letter

Gig looker can have a second thought based on proposal letter, price and duration. In app, chat function is available for the provider to contact seeker for any more information required.

Accept a proposal

Gig looker can accept and lock a proposal. Before doing this, gig looker need to ensure that wallet has deal amount in the wallet which will be locked until the job is done and marked complete

Lock deal

Deal is locked once you have amount credited to secure wallet. Start the job and complete a job

Note: If you chose to accept a job, you are committing to showing up and performing to the best of your ability. Please only accept jobs that you are sure you can commit to and do well.

Do The Job (Start) and Finishing The Job (Complete)

When your work is finished, gig looker mark job as “Complete” to confirm that you finished the work requested. Payment is transferred to gig worker secure wallet as soon as rating is given by the gig looker.

Get Paid

Gig worker can withdraw money from secured wallet after a rating is given to the gig looker. Amount will be transferred to your bank account setup in profile page. Please note that payment timing depends on your bank’s ACH timing and may take up to 5 business days. Gig worker need to ensure that accounts details are setup correctly for smooth process of fund transfer and funds are not sent to wrong account.

Ratings System

How it works

Once gig worker complete a job, the gig looker will provide feedback based on work performance.

Job can be rated on a scale of 1 to 5:

5 = Outstanding

4 = Good work

3 = Unsatisfactory

2 = Poor Performance

1 = Unacceptable

High rating is important because it gives you priority access to jobs.

Gig Souk Support